Core Value

Nordica takes innovation, differentiation, keeping to the trend and budget choice & affordability etc as core value of the company for sustainable development.
Sustainable Development
Nordica takes care of the sustainable development via new products innovation and mature products improvements.
We supply various air conditioners with A+, A++ and A+++ rating, maximally saving your energy bill, maximally reducing the CO2 emission and minimize the energy consumption for sustainable development.
We supply inner OSC reflector+heating elements series of infrared tower heaters, dramatically increasing the infrared heating efficiency and saving your energy bill to some large extent. We supply different types of air conditioners with R290 new refrigerant with GWP Value 3 which is F-Gas Quota free, minimizing the freon pollution to the air for sustainable development.
We supply different types of air conditioners with R290 new refrigerant with GWP Value 3 which is F-Gas Quota free, minimizing the freon pollution to the air for sustainable development.
We use the metal panels for our monoblock aircon, reduced the consumption of plastic material properly for sustainable development.
We optimized the size and weight of our different products, achieving the highest loading qty among same level products in the industry, decreased customers’logistics cost remarkably and increased the product competitiveness.
We have lowered our carbon footprint optimizing container shipments and pallets distribution synergically though product optimizing.
Nordica is focusing on sustainable development, we will never stop.
Nordica attaches importance on innovation and comes up with new innovative products every year to meet the growing demand of our customers. We believe innovating can make a more responsible and comfortable future.
In 2017, we developed the Inner OSC series of Infrared Heaters for the market.
In 2018, we updated the production line from R410a to R290 new refrigerant completely for portable air conditioner and dehumidifier.
In 2019, we developed the 1st plastic panel monoblock air conditioner with R290 Refrigerant for the market.
In 2020, we developed two more metal panel monoblock air conditioner and achieved a whole range of monoblock aircon covering three panels and three BTUs totally.
In 2021, we added PTC heating function onto the monoblock air conditioner and enabled the product to become a real heat pump Inverter for the market.
In 2022, we developed completely new caravan camping mobile mini split air conditioner for the market.
Our innovation development will continue, we will never stop.
Differentiation is not the result of competition, but to completely break away from competition and create value for customers! Differentiation is always our core value when we develop new products, differentiation can bring product differences and create added value for markets and customers!
Our Inner OSC Series Infrared Tower Heaters are unique and totally different from our competitors. The patent system maximize the heating effect during use, bringing the added budget value for customers!
Our monoblock air conditioners are unique and different from the conventional portable air conditioner and split air conditioners. It is without outdoor unit and not requires professional installation compared with WMS ; It is DC Inverter with much higher energy efficiency compared with normal portable air conditioner.
We have energy storage ductless portable air conditioner which is unique and not requires drain hose for hot air but accomplishes the air to water energy recycle circle. ERP rating is not applicable for this item.
Keeping to the trend
Making our products always keep to the trend of latest market demand is one of our pursuits these years.
Our electric outdoor patio heating products met up the rapidly growing demand for home outdoor leisure products during Covid-19 lock down period from 2020 to 2021.
Our A+++ WMS Heat Pump Inverter meets up the rapidly growing demand for high ERP grade heat pump during winter season under the severe energy crisis caused by Russian-Ukraine War in 2022.
Our mobile split caravan camping air conditioner meets up the rapidly growing demand for caravan camping related items. After COVID-19 control measures stopped, though many people still prefer to go out to have holiday with family, yet based on the negative forecast for the income for the following years under the current bad economy situation, they would rather turn to rent a camp and bring their family for holiday locally instead of the international travelling holiday. This will, most likely, bring the booming of caravan camper items in the following years.
The products which cannot keep to the trend of market demand will go nowhere. We will never stop.
Budget Choice & Affordability
Making products become customers’budget choice and achieving the best affordability of the products is the key to achieving scale effect. Based on the years of development and non-stop perfection for some of best seller products, we also obtained many best selling items which meets the standard of budget choice & affordability based on huge qty. With the big qty scale effect, we can keep decreasing the cost of the products and make the items become customers’best budget choice with perfect affordability.
A007 series of entry portable air conditioner are our best seller portable air conditioners with best budget choice & perfect affordability.
The inner OSC series tower heaters are our best seller heaters with best budget choice & perfect affordability.
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